My blog is temporarily dead. But I’m still alive, barely surviving the workload of being a junior and being an applicant to an organization. I also volunteered to be a part of a play’s production staff. I am stressed to the nth level.
To be honest, I feel like shit these past few days. Seriously, I feel like I’m a complete piece of shit and I don’t know how to explain why I feel this way. Although I silently and solemnly pledge not to spread any negative vibes in any of my social network accounts, I am updating this little space of mine because I want to rant. So here goes nothing.
A month ago, I found out that I misplaced the memory card (Sandisk, 8gb) used for our dslr. From what I can remember, I transferred our SG-KL trip photos to my laptop and that was the last time I saw it. I promised my sister I’ll buy a new one for her upcoming trip this month. And I did by swapping my bucket bag for a 4gb memory card. Two weeks ago, I lost my pink umbrella which I bought just recently. I didn’t need to buy a new one because I have a spare umbrella. The thing is, I couldn’t exactly remember where I put it and how I lost it considering I always have my umbrella with me. While I was out with my friends last week, I lost 500 pesos. I won’t get into details how I lost it because I have no idea. And today, I lost my portable 500 GB hard drive. Of all the things I could have forgotten in a printing shop, why did it have to be my hd? It really broke my heart. I know it’s my mistake. It’s all my fault. All I want to say is, fuck my life right now.

PS: I hope you guys had a better day than I had. :)

I am jealous of those who think more deeply, who write better, who draw better, who look better, who live better, who love better than I.

     — Sylvia Plath (via wordsnquotes)

DIY Project with Etude House Bubble Hair Dye


The day after my birthday, I went to SM Fairview. Nope, I didn’t have a date or anything. I met up with another seller from - my second transaction, btw - that sells Korean products for really low prices. I took advantage of their sale and bought a lot of stuff - Nature Republic By Flower BB Cream, The Face Shop Aloe Vera Cleansing Foam, 3W Clinic Green Tea Cleansing Foam and some stuff from Etude House.

At first, I was hesitant to buy this Bubble Dye (Natural Brown) due to the inconsistency of reviews I’ve read and seen. When I buy a product that I never tried before, I tend to look for positive reviews about it so I could really know if it’s worth my money. After reading blog reviews and watching Youtube demos, this product didn’t absolutely convince me. There was a little or no change at all with the color. 

Because I was itching to dye my roots and I had no money for an expensive hair color treatment, I decided to just go with it. Besides, I got it for 42% off the mall price which is Php428! To be accurate and to take off the burden of using your calculator, I got it for only 240 pesos. Cheap, right?

If I might add, my initial problem wasn’t with this product. It’s with the shop because there’s no feedback; their FB page and website weren’t updated. I’ve texted their numbers a lot of times just to make sure it’s a legit and trusted shop. Here’s a tip: please make sure to check the shop’s feedback before making the transaction especially if it’s in! I’m sure you’ve read of rumors and news of people getting scammed, receiving fake and wrong items, blah blah. So far, I haven’t encountered anything of the sort and I’m hoping that I never will.

After doing my stuff in SM Fairview, I met up with the seller at Fairview Terraces. I talked to her for awhile and asked her why she’s selling Korean products for low prices. Then, I saw her cute son! I was surprised when he spoke in Korean. It turns out that her husband is Korean who buys their merchandise in the factory outlet/store in Korea, hence the low prices. She assured me that all the items are brand new and authentic. 


This is actually my second time to dye my hair on my own. I can’t remember the first product I used but it was only 50 pesos in Watson’s. Considering the price, there wasn’t really anything to expect with that product.

As a first time user, I’ve decided to document my experience with this Bubble Hair Dye in Natural Brown. Etude House offers seven colors. I picked Natural Brown because it’s the safest color haha! As you can see, the instructions are written in Korean. However, the photos depicting the process of how to apply the product are easy to follow. The box contains:

  1. hair colorant
  2. pump bottle with the developer inside
  3. plastic gloves, and shoulder cover
  4. perfume conditioner
  5. instruction manual in Korean


I’ll be skipping the process since it’s actually quite easy and boring. Above, you can see the foamy substance which I applied carefully on my hair. Because of the thickness and uneven coloring of my hair, I had to maximize and use it up to the very last drop.


Let’s fast forward to the obligatory before and after photos. Please don’t be fooled. My hair right now is not as vibrant as pictured above, it’s also not very orange-y. These two were taken in different light settings, the right one was taken under direct sunlight that’s why you can really see the color haha! My hair before using the product had still hints of my ombre treatment before so I didn’t focus on the tips. 

In reality, my hair color now is subtle, the roots naturally appear dark brown. Seeing the photos also reminded me to get a haircut so I can finally get rid of my remaining ombre’d tips. In fact, my brother said he didn’t see any difference. In defense of this product, you really need to look at my hair under direct sunlight in order to spot the change. In my opinion, these are the selling points of this product:

  1. Easy to use (mix, pump, apply and wait!)
  2. Mild smell of the substance (because it’s ammonnia-free)
  3. Safe to use
  4. Accessible (you can get it in almost all Etude House stores or online shops)
  5. The conditioner worked wonders!

What I didn’t like about it was it made my hair dry and coarse for a few days. While waiting, there was also a bit of an itching sensation that made me want to wash it off immediately. One box wasn’t enough for a long and thick hair like mine to have a definitely good coverage.

All in all, the product was so-so. I’d probably buy it again in a different and bolder color like Gold Blonde or Sweet Orange, if I were to cut my hair short - which is unlikely to happen any time soon. 

I don’t have many photos to share because my brother refused to help me in taking photos. Losing our camera’s memory card left me no other choice but to use my camera phone - which explains the low quality of the photos in this post. 

Sa bawat paglipas..

Sa bawat paglipas ng segundo
di mo mapapansin ang paghinga ko,
ang bawat galaw ng aking katawan
at kung ano laman ng aking isipan

Sa bawat paglipas ng minuto
di ko alam kung saan ako tutungo
takot sa mga maaring mangyayari
lalo na kapag wala ka sa aking tabi

Sa bawat paglipas ng oras
walang katiyakan ang bukas
ano kaya ang gagawin ko
pag ako ay biglang iniwan mo?

Sa bawat paglipas ng araw
di maiwasan ang pagtanaw
sa mga nangyari sa nakaraan
noong tayo’y magkaibigan lamang

Sa bawat paglipas ng panahon
mga alaala’y tila nakabaon
isinama mo sa iyong hukay
kahit ako’y patuloy na nabubuhay